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Switching to QNAP

Backup, backup, backup.  Then verify your backups.  Its what separates the noobs from the seasoned professionals.  Seriously.  My Time Capsule has served me well with two MacBooks in my household.  Backups just happen automatically, and on the one occasion where I had to do a restore…it worked flawlessly.  Even the desktop icons were in the same spot!…


bash -> zsh -> fish

I love bash.  It has served me well and is an essential component of av as we discussed in a previous post.  A couple of years ago, I got very annoyed in the lack of case-insensitive tab completion.  Lets take this simple example: So bash here isn’t going to complete to ‘Picture’ because its case-sensitive. So, enter…


Unbricking a pfSense Router

My pfSense router upgrade did not go so well… Diagnostics My pfSense router stopped working.  No Internet, no DHCP, no nothing.  A simple reboot failed to resolve the problem.  And no, I did not try restarting three times. A USB-to-RS232 adapter is worth its weight in gold.  Has been that way for years.  If you…